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Thomas Kite

>> Thomas Kite creates sculpture and flat Art employing various combinations of hot worked and engraved glass, stone, and metal. This bio provides a little background in that area:

After completing seven years of undergraduate and graduate study in Fine Art, Thomas Kite earned his final degree in Printmaking. However, he had become more and more involved in applying Printmaking process to working glass so the major works of his Graduate Thesis Exhibition were sculptural- employing large acid-etched glass panels. This lead him to open a studio/gallery in New England during the latter part of the 1970s.

Over the next 15 years, he immersed himself first in mastering various glass cold working techniques and then in combining glass and other media such as stone and metal into more three dimensional expression. During this time, he created hundreds of works, completed numerous private and commercial commissions, and was represented for a few years by Hobe Sound Galleries North, part of Midtown Payson Galleries in New York.

For many of these years, the Art Glass Movement in the United States had yet to take hold. So he did his research and acquired skill alone, building his own glass engraving equipment, and perfecting techniques through trial and error. 

"In the 70's and 80's, I was a fulltime artist. Among other things, I built a special stone wheel glass lathe and setup a rig for brilliant cutting large glass panels

At first, set a goal to recreate the Victorian style cut glass panels popular in the 1800's. Wanted to take it farther, but became more interested in the rich possibilities of working glass with other media so, abandoned putting further effort into it.

In the late '80s, opportunities lead me away from analog Art into UI then UX design. In 2004, found it was time to resume something that was patiently waiting all along."
                                                                                                                      -Thomas Kite

In 2004, Thomas created Thos. Kite Art & Design to pick up where he left off over 15 years before.

"It's taken a few years to get started again, mainly because setting up a studio takes a great deal of time- finding the right equipment, then making it work. Also, there was the mental transition from my day job in computers back to Art as well as the brush up on old skills like glass engraving. 

It was time to do things I didn't do before. Before, hot glass work was done on a very limited basis- now that has changed. Before, many of the experimental pieces were smaller. Now, the focus is exploring a larger scale and taking bigger risks.

A rigger once told me that the best knot is one that is both very strong and still unties easily after being under great stress. It won't let go until you want it to. So hard times may shape us to be like better knots? At least for me, past difficulty seems to have informed the objects I make in mostly positive ways- some of which only become evident over time and with letting go. Now, the whole thing is about being transparent to the Art making. And that's something I didn't fully understand 20 years ago."
                                                                                                                        -Thomas Kite

In 2016, Thomas created Pelta Games because a number of things all fell into place.

"It occurred to me a few years ago that Art has a side to it that I've never been comfortable with- something kind of narcissistic and removed. Turns out what I've been doing all these years has been connected by a playful disregard for the formalities of Art while taking great enjoyment in the unassuming side of it.

The side that captures your interest like a shiny penny or full Moon is at the core of art. Games have this and reach people where Art has failed. As a kid playing games I loved the tactile immersive experience of playing with objects that were truly magical, imbued with all my imagination could conjure up.

Play is the creative center that all of us start with. It nurtures us from our earliest moments and is critical in helping us grow an understanding of ourselves, our world, and our brief existence. This is where the primordial urge to Make takes form as expression. It is the power and essence of mind. 

And from this all kinds of possibilities to cross lines, interact, and connect in new ways- crowd each other for attention. So that's where I'm headed now- where art is play and play is art."

Beside this site, below are some of the best places to track future directions or contact Thomas -
Pelta Games
Pelta Games on-

Recent study :

  School of Glasswork Abate Zanetti, Murano, Italy-
  Lampworking Solid Forms/Sculpture
  Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, Washington, USA-
  Advanced Cold Working
  Hotshop Glass Casting
  Advanced Fusing

Previous Academic study :

  SUNYA, Albany, New York, USA-
  MA Printmaking

  Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada-
  BFA Printmaking



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